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【美濃燒 MINO WARE】葡萄藤蔓 咖啡 套杯

【美濃燒 MINO WARE】葡萄藤蔓 咖啡 套杯

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  • 口径:9.5cm
  • 高:7.5cm
  • 容量:210ml
  • 碟子直徑:15cm


  • 美濃燒 MINO WARE


  • 瓷器セラミック


  • 葡萄藤蔓,紋理巧妙,色彩濃淡有致
  • 手繪花紋,栩栩如生
  • 質樸古風,粗陶質感
  • 底部手刻落款,真品保證
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常見問題 FAQ

運輸 Shipping


It will take 3-5 days to deliver to Hong Kong.

付款方式 Payment Methods

Credit Card, Payme, Alipay, WeChat Pay, FPS, etc.

保養 Maintenance

1. 請存放於乾爽位置。

Please store in a dry place.

2. 請避免驟冷驟熱,容易器物導致破裂。

Please avoid rapid cooling and heating, which may cause breakage of the object.

3. 註意:每件陶器顏色及紋理都會存在深淺顏色不均勻或陰影,請以陶器的獨特性來欣賞,絕非品質問題,不影響正常使用。

Note: The color and texture of each piece of pottery may have uneven shades of color or shadows, please enjoy with the uniqueness of the pottery, it is not a quality problem and does not affect normal use.